The Unorthodox Bellows of a Fortune told

Success spoke to him more often than not. I mean they weren’t what you would categorize as brilliant wins of a genius or anything. More they represented his willingness to continue to reach for his dreams. An unorthodox frenzy of irrational thoughts and processes that led to decisive victories over the overbearing strife that was the disagreement between success and failure.

Years go by and success becomes a repetitive process of trial and error. “Your really in the thick of it,” He says to himself as his passion that hes had for years slips from existence. Its almost deafening how his past memories ping pong back and forth between moments of surreal invigoration and questionable choices. “Was I really ever great? Or maybe I just tried hard and fueled my own flames without ever truly evaluating where I stood in the world above all else.”

Months go by and sadness erodes and withers into the abyss and eventually an enthusiasm akin to his past outings returns. Not as strong, but the willingness to attain refinement is evident. “I don’t really know where i’ll end up but ive got an idea.”


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