The Mad King speaks to the Lynching Mob

Who knew he’d be the victim to his own creation, a kingdom built on greed and self glorification. It had to come to this, he made his peasants feel like equals and his enemies loud war cries were quelled by the blade of his kingdoms admiration for his valiant ways of rule.

Every rule must come to an end and the king knew this. The dark streets of his ever defiant empire now drenched red in the blood of his most trusted advisers. The gallows would be his final resting place and he made his peace about it around the time the noose coiled around his neck like a snake preparing to devour its victim. A crowd as violent as this couldn’t be talked down and there was no reason to try, but there was reason to go out like a king…like a ruler.

“You think this matters in the end!” he said as blood poured from his mouth like a faucet on full blast. “I made all of this, the kingdom is nothing without me to rule it, your betrayal means nothing! You will all just turn it into some kind of playground for chaos. Disease will run rampant and the death toll will rise and you’ll only have your own selfish misconceived notions of justice to thank for it.” His words went right through the crowd they cared not for his speech. They only pleaded for his body to rigor mortis. Moments later the angry once deemed peasant released the lever that would lead to the kings death, it was sick the way the crowd roared in rejoice at the mad kings dangling corpse.


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