For Her I filled my soul with Smoke and Spirits

She penetrated his system much more than he thought she would. They were just weird to each other at first like distant neighbors living in the same building. The commotion of the community was loud, but they never thought to sync the wavelengths. Until she needed him. A smoke filled the air so foul that it nearly consumed him…ate away at his very conscious until he’d succumb to it.

He was the very definition of what he never thought he’d be, but the experience that came from it were what he’d always wanted. The smoke and spirits were the negatives while the sex and feelings of being needed were the most welcomed things in the world.

Time goes by and it all evolves though it can’t be outwardly shown because that’s not what it outwardly is. The craze of the situation around them roars for friendship, but its more than that though it dies down from that. Until one night their feelings reach their peak and its everything they ever wanted from each other the smoke is thick, the emotion is palpable and it lasts forever. It lasts forever…if forever is until they wake.


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