Vagrant of the Backpedal.

The divide of his mind split at the thought of the river transpiring into an ocean only to waste itself in a sea of like minded individuals. I don’t convey the motions of someone who begs for comradery do I? I have seeped into your society and have found the nasty jigsaw you value as success and destroyed its very concept.

I have slaved away at dreams for so long that my mind is a bit twisted by the defeat I have suffered. I had valor for the thought of failure, but now its met with only melancholy and a sense of dead urgency that is here nor there given my lack of fuel to subdue the journey and make it my own.

I suppose I have built a palisade around my future conquests and forgot to instill the will in myself to shatter the structure. Such a sad sentiment to know you’ve done something, really be aware of it and still live in it…revel in it. The hypocrisy is so human you sort of forgive your idiotic moments and embrace your inner habits and contradictions.

Until it’s just a circus of oxymorons.


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