Failing Through Time

It’s as if they look at me a certain way. As if I am not the greatest to walk this earth. The thought of success eludes us all so don’t so rashly assume what your doing is what should have been. Those who followed that path with you and vanished didn’t all fail. Some found new ways to live and dream and the fulfillment was incredible. Though the sad story is that most have not reached those heights as of yet. I suppose this is fine, as it’s normal for people to fail. I just don’t think it’s very fair.

Who cares about fair? This is life and the unexpected is the only saving grace you’ll get in this world. Well besides the fact that death is right around the corner. Theres nothing more important than time and success is probably the greatest poof that you haven’t wasted your time on this planet. The ones who don’t think like that are different and more flawed than us. Their unique individuals who ebb and flow through time with a sense of ease that knows no bounds. I don’t really know what to think of these people. I don’t really know where this is going.


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