Vagrant of the Back Pedal – Off the Coast

You wonder whats hes thinking. The coolest boy on the pier. The largest lobsters this side of the eastern coast. What a day it was for him. He rebelled in the adoration that those opposite his position felt for him that day. I like to think that he was just standing there when the fisherman caught those Lobsters and they were like ” hey that kid looks cool as shit, put him in the picture.” Then they did and so we have this little guy encapsulated in time forever…maybe”.

I imagine this kid grew up and lived a life of crime as some crime lords right hand man during the prohibition era in New York. His bosses name was Mickey and he was lo ye gowta. They ran a racket from their place of business in New York to Chicago and they weren’t really major in the booze business but they made off alright. They didn’t have to break a lot of hands as who steals from the lower end guys? No one does I tells ya, no one does.

For years he looked at that iconic picture and smiled. The innocence is still there, but only as he looks at it not the other way around. The mirror shows a different individual, but the picture captured his excellence in time. The boy off the coast was still there…trapped on the wall of a mobsters penthouse. The Boy Off The Coast.


One comment

  1. yolibetancourt · May 16, 2015

    You had me at fallacies! I loved this piece! And the picture! Wow! Full of symbolism. There’s no limit to what a writer can imagine and create from simply looking at a photograph. I wonder about the fleur-de-lis in his clothes…


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