Chronophobia killed the doll

It’s emotions are dripping from it’s plastic frame and cracking the earth beneath it. This causes the figure to sink further down into the earth. Then it reanimates and realizes that time waits for nothing and the phase begins. It must finish and there’s just not enough time. It’s ligaments sprawling back and forth in an effort to create; there’s nothing quite like creation and the adoration of seeing your trials bear fruit.

But time was a feeble thing that stopped the doll in its tracks. It’s manikin head plopped back onto the desk which caused numerous designs and creations splattered on paper to float in air, almost suspending. The doll heard them quietly float down and understood that this was life. To be moved by outside forces and to allow time to determine your speed of travel.

His fear of this was evident in his indecisiveness in creating something worthwhile. Thoughts of failing entered harder as such so crept from him was the flow of life. He could no longer reanimate he was stuck there a shell of himself he was always but now he had sub come to allowing his spirit to wither away not knowing that time has its hand in everything…even his soul.


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