My Last Pity Party

Maurice needs peace. He needs a way out. Everything is so different now. See now that the freedom is potent, the feeling of nothingness has increased.

Well see I don’t really want to say that, more the feeling of time has become a more known entity. Twenty four years and there’s yet to be millions, mutual love, grand travels or acknowledgement beyond belief. You see I need that because I’m worth as much (we all are).

What there has been is monumental moments of grief and pain. Drowning in the unknown is more or less a bi-weekly routine that has become so entrenched into my psyche that it’s less scary than it should be. There’s been mild success that’s tickled my fancy for minutes at a time. Feelings of real love that wasn’t evoked in both directions. As well moments of monetary rise has hastened my enthusiasm at times.

This rut isn’t temporary, more or less it will become who I am if I don’t learn to evolve past the negatives and learn to stop leaching off life’s daily ups and downs. Maurice take control of it all. Become what you wanted to be as the success stories you see everyday are yours as well. There’s nothing more disappointing than reaching the end and realizing you could have been so much more. I don’t ever want to be content and I don’t ever need to be without my ambition.

*This Is My Last Pity Party*


One comment

  1. lovelimess · September 7, 2015

    This whole thing was stupid. I regret ever participating.
    Have a lovely life


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