Dreams From The Outskirts- Ch 1

Cloth hangs from wires, rickety stairs clank in a manner that’s more common than not. The harrowing lights from the tainted cityscape looms in the distance.

Melrose is brave and adventurous. She sees the world through a view not unlike a kaleidoscope. A cracked and distorted view that allows her to judge everything at its own specific pace. The city is both her enemy and her greatest need. Every day she inches closer to it. They warn her of it’s taint and filth; of the pain that it could cause her. They speak not of the city itself, but more the journey there.

She cares not for warnings, more so she needs this. Her taste for something new is unabated by whats behind her as that’s not how things work. As such her journey begins.

“Oh what a grand adventure awaits me!”


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