Dreams From The Outskirts- Ch 2

Darkness and rain raided her view as the journeys trenches dug her deep into the planets grasp. The road to the city was not paved well, further cementing the journeys difficulty.

Broken light posts that thudded and swayed back and forth where all that kept even a shred of their essence on the dark street that seemed to live on it’s own accord.  A street left hollowed by ravenous and near ominous figures that had yet to show face was the norm for the deluged streets.

Just as soon as she’d come accustomed to the darkness that the pathway offered a shriek in the night echoed valiantly. The shriek was freakish and different. “Another one enters our darkness, another hoping for the light that looms in the distance. She shall be swallowed.”

As our hero or fool looked on in awe. Her heart began to pump at a rapid pace. Then she just laughed. She let out a mad laugh that echoed almost as cryptically as the unknown voice before her.

“This ones different”

“Yes, I agree, she hopes for light to destroy her taint…her dark.”


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