I understand

I understand life and death and the never-ending battle of tug of war our bodies play every day attempting to stand closer to one than the other.

I understand exquisite happiness and unexplainable sorrow and the mind games the world plays on us daily to ensure we keep functioning.

I understand eking out an existence to ensure normality in this world and I also understand reaching for the stars only to feel your wings burn out like Icarus.

I understand that understanding is only half the battle, my mind races for a chance to reach the finish line sometimes.

I understand that the conclusion is nowhere near as fattening or fulfilling as the journey there.

I understand that feeling that churns and strikes like lightning all throughout your body until your ready to call it quits.

That’s emotion that’s real life, that pensive moment of reflection concocts a brilliant sense of urgency to the human psyche until a true moment of understanding is gained.

I understand.


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