the world and its promises

The world told me lies and I accepted them.

The world told me truths and I believed them.

The world showed me reality and I ran from it.

Cast aside like a lukewarm presence was the desire for lesser than.

I remain bathed in greatness. At least that’s what the world tells me.

At least that’s what the world told me.

These days I don’t need validation from the world and yet I cast aside my pride and devour the culture.

The World OWES me.

The world owes me a feeling I can’t describe and a high I can’t come down from.

The world owes me more life and less damnation.

I watched the birds cry as my dreams faded.

Never again will I let the world owe me.



I understand

I understand life and death and the never-ending battle of tug of war our bodies play every day attempting to stand closer to one than the other.

I understand exquisite happiness and unexplainable sorrow and the mind games the world plays on us daily to ensure we keep functioning.

I understand eking out an existence to ensure normality in this world and I also understand reaching for the stars only to feel your wings burn out like Icarus.

I understand that understanding is only half the battle, my mind races for a chance to reach the finish line sometimes.

I understand that the conclusion is nowhere near as fattening or fulfilling as the journey there.

I understand that feeling that churns and strikes like lightning all throughout your body until your ready to call it quits.

That’s emotion that’s real life, that pensive moment of reflection concocts a brilliant sense of urgency to the human psyche until a true moment of understanding is gained.

I understand.

So Good The Day

So good was the day that drove him into a near sanctified sense of being.

I see visions of beauty in the nightlights embrace, malice fleeing.

So good was the day that brought alabaster light to the horizons crevice.

I see no turmoil or foreboding warnings in the distance, madness Is heaven.

So good was the day that shattered expectations and weaved fragmented boons.

I see scattered shadows dissipating in the skylight, happiness forever never peaking.



Pushing Against the Umbral

I still remember the innocence, grandeur thoughts pummeling me ahead. She crashed in and suffocated the tunnel vision and made susceptible the stubbornness.
A long road at night will bond the unknown, trust me I know this! Trust me I was ignorant to this! Escape me once and that’s all that was needed.
Bleak illusions of hope help pad a well placed willingness to forget the past. But see trust that I never wanna forget that past, but I need too. 


The Misbehaving Vagrant

A conduit for tennis balls crack the streets. A pole as poignant as Eiffel’s leads man to admonish thoughts as notions of good or evil. Pray tell thee who is the most evil when man nourishes his breathing den.

So knees are buckled and lives are lost or whatever. Carnivores feast without remorse we like to think. These Lego blocks are built to last as architects push their grandeur ideas onto the innocent streets.

Is this decay as okay as your ambition allowed it; or did you not think to fail?



Aging Vagrant

Scattershot bravado is what you’re perfume smells of. It lingers in the air as we wait with bathed breathe for a sign of life. A sign of success from you is but an inkling of what we expect. You roamed those halls and you told those stories; you roared and you howled and then you died quietly.

That’s what you do right? Flail around telling a story that no one cares for any more as time has passed and success is a much different thing now. They care not for you’re tales now. They eek and awe at the presence of the forgotten one. Valiant days are just that…days passed. Fight for the future or die an afterthought.


Too High to Riot

Too high to concentrate. I suppose it never saved me, hell it never stopped me either. Etched in my own memories are Forlorn thoughts brought upon by a new world. She’s different…their different. Ill touch this and lose all thought for the previously conceived importance of a four year journey.

Truth is I needed that. I needed that stare; that unequivocal feeling of the unknown that loomed deep in her eyes. I was and I am a product of other peoples motives. Too high to Riot.