Description Of HER, The Brilliance In She

Descriptions Of HER

I see flashes of brilliance in her tone.

Her voice is a mad ballad of high end love filled passion.

Find me god and i’ll swear his presence didn’t match hers.

Her skin is smooth, her love real, her smile intoxicating.

One stare and i’m on a new high, the moons deceptive arc couldn’t make me lean as hard.

Her natural perfume I bask in it. Her wims I indulge in.

I don’t know perfection like I know Chante.

I don’t know heartache like I know her love.

I lay in a void of dark unknowns that she on the daily pierces through.

Show me dark days and sad faces and ill alter the landscape with her smile.

Her candor, her spirit, her essence it all leaves me complete.

Descriptions of her in a world filled with chaos is reality personified.

I say this to say that a world filled with her is a place filled with hope and unimaginable love.  

Descriptions of her, Descriptions of she, Descriptions of Chante.

I’ve never known love until She. I’ve never known these feelings until I became we.

No matter the day, the week, the month, the year I can only ever know love with she.



Vagrant of the Back Pedal – Off the Coast

You wonder whats hes thinking. The coolest boy on the pier. The largest lobsters this side of the eastern coast. What a day it was for him. He rebelled in the adoration that those opposite his position felt for him that day. I like to think that he was just standing there when the fisherman caught those Lobsters and they were like ” hey that kid looks cool as shit, put him in the picture.” Then they did and so we have this little guy encapsulated in time forever…maybe”.

I imagine this kid grew up and lived a life of crime as some crime lords right hand man during the prohibition era in New York. His bosses name was Mickey and he was lo ye gowta. They ran a racket from their place of business in New York to Chicago and they weren’t really major in the booze business but they made off alright. They didn’t have to break a lot of hands as who steals from the lower end guys? No one does I tells ya, no one does.

For years he looked at that iconic picture and smiled. The innocence is still there, but only as he looks at it not the other way around. The mirror shows a different individual, but the picture captured his excellence in time. The boy off the coast was still there…trapped on the wall of a mobsters penthouse. The Boy Off The Coast.

Travel Drive

Every Days a moment of clarity; no everyday is an opportunity to discover. The car probably never moves; this man is probably the pied piper of all our earthly ambitions. The Travel Drive sinks its teeth into our data and captures its essence. I don’t know where he’s gone, but I hope it’s somewhere. Though wouldn’t it be incredible if he takes from those more well versed in the art of travel and plasters their archival like pictures on his stagnant vehicle and revels in onlooker curiosity?

Which ever end of the spectrum he finds himself on I can guarantee it’s an interesting one. Okay maybe I can’t, but who cares it’s good to think in away that gives off wonderment sometimes. I mean this practically gets me through the train ride and monotonous calls and the feelings of Kurt cobaining. What am I doing this isn’t about Maurice; this is about that man and his moment in time. His encapsulated moment in time. All that data stored in one location. His Travel drive.

The Amphitheatre of the Gods

Do they still watch men defy logic in this battlefield for the brave? This once valiant place now serves as the tomb of lost memories for those with valor and courage. What I meant to say was this intricately designed place was once a cesspool for death and mass celebration. History is a never changing thing that is ever perceived differently if we let you tell it. May the thoughts of munera competition never enter this place again.

The leaning rebel of the cathedral square.

If you stand in my way I will literally destroy the ground beneath you. Though if you persevere I may just soften the soil. Time has passed and we tried to restructure your attitude but your stubborn. Do the bells even ring from you perch anymore?Assunta and Pasquareccia used to sing far and wide of your rebellious behavior and we used to listen, though don’t worry were still looking.

Facade The Universal Whim

We were supposed to dance forever right? The sky was supposed to stay black forever and the stars would flicker on and off in space as if our dance steps were the mechanisms that would move the gears that controlled the universes whims. I wonder if you remember the truths we told each other and the lies we denied our growth. I just wanna understand why the day came and if we can cause the world to suffer again while we gain in each others nightlight embrace again.

The Bridge of Sighs

This audible breath for a river of dreams and renaissance that this small canal brings has ushered in a new me. You can pale in comparison to it or live a lie as we watch you try and diminish the greatness that thousands know to be true. Moments are encapsulated in time here. As lovers gain a never ending forever with each other as the gondola they ride and the light of the sunset intersect perfectly under the sighing bridge as the bell tolls in rejoice.