Ch: 1 The sky raider finds the city of storms

The sky was harsh this high up, but not so intense to intimidate him. He was use to these types of altitudes. Thousands of feet in the air and he couldn’t feel more at home anywhere else. “Are you sure about this,” the pilot yelled as to signal his uneasiness about his best friend diving from such a small plane into the outskirts of a city surrounded by tornadoes.

“I don’t even know why you believe the legend about people still living here.”

“Eh don’t worry i’ll just jump down into one of those…hmmm…one of those tornadoes down there and zip into the cities perimeters. It’s a pretty simple task actually.”

“Ray we have already found the Tornadoes can’t that just be enough, you know take a few photos get little cash for it and be on our way?”

“Luther shut up, i’m jumping out of this damn plane…into eh, into a tornado. Just pull me up when I signal for you in a few hours.”

Ray shifted his right hand downward as if signaling some type of formation shift for Luther to follow and as such the plane leaned to the side as if it was bending to his will. Once he felt he was at the right angle he jumped into the craziness that was a festival of tornadoes. He was tasked with falling into a tornado and using the spinning momentum to whip himself into the circle of the chaos, which if their research was right would reveal the city of storms.

The descent down would rip a unprepared person to shreds but Ray was no newbie explorer he was well versed in the art of falling from the sky with grace and melding with the harsh environment around him. He wore a special suit for this descent that would protect him from the scythe like winds the tornadoes produced. His body was just about fully being controlled by the whims of the tornado that he had confidently dropped off into though he knew exactly how to angle himself to shoot out of it and descend into the well defended city. After about a minute of adjusting his body inside the ravaging storm he had found the right moment to launch himself out. “Okay get this right Ray you only have one shot at this.” He muttered to himself as he pressed the thruster button on his suit which let out a huge burst of flame from two small cylinder like tubes on his back. The force from them allowed him to rip through the tornadoes chaotic and near impenetrable palisade like force and as such he peered into an area past the storm. A sort of thick white smoke showed itself afterwards that made no sense to be where it was inside the storms perimeter but at the same time outside of its reach. Once he fell through the smoke he had a better view for where he was, it was as if the sky itself had changed once he went through the white vapor like shield that domed the inside of the circle of storms. As he continued to fall he couldn’t help but look up to see a sky that was obviously below the vapor clouds and even further out of reach of the tornadoes. Though this made no sense how could a second sky exist like this. he spent so long staring at the second sky that he almost forgot to activate his parachute to slow his descent.

“Crap that was close…but what is this place.” As his descent slowed he took a look at what he came here for and he was not left disappointed. There was a city not to far off from the road he was landing on and calling it huge was an understatement. Ray was on a higher plane than the city at the moment and it still overwhelmed him from a visual standpoint in terms of how massive it was. Upon landing in the empty road that only lead to the city Ray took a breather before moving on as falling from such a high height and maneuvering through a tornado can take a lot out of you.

“Luther do you read me? Luther do you–”

“I hear you I hear you ray, did you make it to the city yet?”

“Yea its incredible man, its a bit hard to describe right now but i’m going to get closer on it and take some photos and see if anyone is living in it.” Ray said this while taking off his blue diver jump suit revealing what he refers to as his explorer gear but Luther just calls it his street clothes.

“I doubt anyone lives there but there’s got to be some great photos to take and some loot to procure as proof.”

Luther went on for a few minutes babbling about how low a chance he had of finding survivors in a city so closed off from the rest of the world. Though Ray was only half listening as he was burying some of his gear including his escape gear that would allow Luther to pull him up once he was done.

“‘Are you even listening to me Ray?” Luther said this with a tone of annoyed familiarity that his partner Ray knew too well.

“Yea I hear you now let me get back with you i have to get to the city before it gets dark…if this city even gets dark.”

Luther sighed, “fine just get back with me in a few hours with updates”

“Do no move, your surrounded.”

“What the hell?” Ray said as he lifted his head up from evaluating the lower portion of his gears firmness.

It only took a few moments for him to realize what he was dealing with, soldiers with guns and swords surrounded him with a sort of killer instinct that you could feel. they were prepared to kill him if he performed any sort of unauthorized movement

“This is just not the welcome I was expecting.”